This is a little friendship project between our cab drivers and their guests:
By joining our affiliate program you will receive USD10 commission for every direct purchase made by referrals from the webpage we built for you. We will pay you by



Joining the affiliate program to act as ambassadors, encouraging your friends and family to visit the great wall of china.
it will costs you nothing and all you have to do is:
- taking a photo with your driver
- leaving a photo you hiked on the wall to your driver
- leaving your paypal account email address to your driver


Then we will build a special webpage for you, email to you the webpage QR code, your only work is to tell your friends and family who plan to visit great wall of china this webpage URL by showing the QR code.


AFTER your friends and family book and finish the great wall of china day trip, we will pay USD10 to your paypal account. at the same time, your friends and family also could join in this affiliate program.

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Here is a sample affiliate webpage for reference: Chris Love Great Wall